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SheriffWebsites.com by Lighthouse Web Designs provides custom, full-featured websites to Sheriff’s Offices in the United States.

Lighthouse Web Designs was opened in 2006. Initially, the founder/owner, Richelle Anderson, was inspired to open the company when she saw how much small business owners were being charged for a website. Soon after opening, the local sheriff’s department reached out and needed their website updated. While speaking with them, she learned that county sheriffs face the same challenges; they need more website than their tight budgets would allow.

We have been working with our local Sheriff since 2007, during that time, we have learned a lot about the demand and needs of local sheriffs and how a website is vital for their department to communicate with the areas they serve. We went to work and developed a platform that fills these needs and meets the requirement of affordability to most sheriff’s offices.

Lighthouse Web Designs created SheriffWebsites.com to cater specifically to the needs of county sheriff offices. Our company is primarily led by Richelle and Ashley Hopper (IT Manager). We also employ 50+ freelancers, and each brings a specific skill set to the Lighthouse team. Our freelancers are comprised of writers, graphic designers, IT specialists, and more. This business formation allows us to provide affordable solutions for our clients while helping our freelancers.

You will not be shuffled around at Lighthouse either. Richelle or Ashley will always be your primary contact with the company. This level of customer service is what we were built on and has earned us an excellent reputation since opening our doors.

As with our small business clients, we strive to work hard for EVERY sheriff’s office we work with and provide a custom solution built around their size and needs.

We look forward to working with you!

Meet the Lighthouse Management Team

Richelle Anderson

Richelle brings over 20 years of website design and online marketing experience to Lighthouse. Her most significant strength is listening to the challenges and finding a solution to the problem. As the primary designer, she oversees the creative side of the websites they create as well as customer support. She is a 100% hands-on owner and takes pride in the fact that NOTHING gets passed on without her stamp of approval. In her spare time, Richelle enjoys hanging out with her husband and family, including her “fur-kids” which she spoils now that the kids have moved off and married. She is a fan of super-hero movies, photography, and likes to travel to new places.

Ashley Hopper

Ashley brings over six years of IT and cybersecurity experience to the Lighthouse team. Ashley is the one that builds the backend part of the website, maintains our servers, and protects our client’s websites. Ashley is a problem-solver and stays abreast of options our Sheriff’s Offices can take advantage of to save money in the department and better communicate with the areas they serve. In her spare time, she spends time with her husband and their “fur-kid,” Kai. She also enjoys playing games and hanging out with friends.

Recent News

SheriffWebsites.net is now SheriffWebsites.com

We were finally able to acquire the .com version for our domain. We have been in negotiations with a company to purchase the domain.

conference booth ar 2019 summer conference

2019 AR Sheriff’s Summer Conference

This was our first year to attend the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association Conference. It was an honor to meet the sheriffs and their staff at the conference. We had a few giveaways, check out the winners.

conference booth

2019 OKSA Summer Conference

This year was our first time attending the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Conference. We had a warm welcome from the Oklahoma Sheriffs, staff, and the OKSA staff. It was so nice to get to meet everyone. We even had a few giveaways, check out the winners.

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