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The Blaine County Sheriff's Office website features jail information, inmate search, sex offenders, career portal, and more to serve the Blaine County community.

Sheriff's Office Website Preview

Project Summary

The Blaine County Sheriff's Office website features all aspects to reduce calls coming into the office by providing important information to the community.

The Inmate Search is updated throughout the day and provides information on inmates for the community and press and if they are in custody at the County Jail.

The inmate search also provides links to inmate services including commissary, web deposits, as well as a one-click link to Vine allowing individuals to sign up for notifications concerning the inmate. We try to answer many questions website visitors might have about calling inmates, visitation, mail, commissary, and more in our visitor information section. This page includes links to the inmate services as well as customer service phone numbers. Allowing website visitors to find what they need without calling the jail. While this will not completely eliminate all calls to the jail, it has reduced them substantially.

The website also features a job portal allowing Blaine County officials to add all of the jobs they hire for however, only show the ones that are currently open. Applicants can view the job requirements and responsibilities as well as download the application and apply online.

The crime tips section is a form that visitors can choose to remain anonymous or include their information to be contacted by an investigator. If the visitor does not supply this information, no information is captured to identify them. This portion saves the office funds as they do not have to pay for a tip line.


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