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The Carter County Sheriff's Office website was both fun and exciting to put together. Featuring their vast history and information about the office for the community.

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Project Summary

Before we started working with Sheriff Chris Bryant their website did not allow the community to access needed information online, and many aspects were non-functional or not user-friendly. It also was not mobile-friendly. Because of this, community residents had to call the office to get the information they needed instead of utilizing the website.

We began by working with the department to create a new website that was user-friendly and allowed the community to access various types of information online. We also performed an audit of the old website, identifying non-functional areas that needed to be fixed.

Sheriff Chris Bryant
I am excited to be moving forward � out with the old and in with the new! Updating the website fulfills our mission to provide a professional website that meets the current demands of the citizens of Carter County by providing user-friendly access to information about crime and other Carter County issues. This new website will further our goal of saving departmental money by reducing time spent answering phone calls to provide information that can now be accessed online. Also, through our relationship with our communications vendor CTC we partnered with Lighthouse Web Designs to develop a new website at no cost to the citizens of Carter County. - Sheriff Chris Bryant


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