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Custom website designed for the Payne County Sheriff's Office in Oklahoma. Many features that assist the office to share information with the community.

Sheriff's Office Website Preview

Project Summary, a division of Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing, located in Tupelo, MS has launched a new website for the Payne County Sheriff's Office located in Stillwater, OK. The website has been designed to better communicate with the Payne County community.

Sheriff Woodward took office in late 2019 and has taken great strides in improving efficiency within the department. The new website will allow our staff to be more efficient in their duties. Now that information is available online and easily accessible to visitors.

I am excited to move forward on our website. This website shows our professionalism and allows information to be readily available to the people of Payne County. From being able to search our current population in the Detention Center to upcoming Sheriff Sales. By submitting a tip for us to investigate, or to turning in your application to start your career with the Sheriffs Office.

Sheriff Kevin Woodward ~ Payne County Sheriff's Office

Fully Integrated

The new website can be found at and has many features that will help the Sheriffs Office communicate better with the community. It features an inmate search, sex offenders, press releases, community news, and events, as well as the most wanted and tip section. We plan on improving the website over time to better serve both our office as well as the community.

Dynamically pulled from ODIS the Payne County Sex Offender page is updated once per day and features the full name, address, city where the offense took place, a picture, and charges.

The inmate search section is also dynamically loaded from ODIS and is updated multiple times per day. Visitors can see current inmates in custody, their charges, when they were booked, as well as links to inmate services including commissary and web deposits. Each inmate is linked to the Vine Notification System allowing for visitors to see additional inmate information as well as sign up for notifications.

The new website also features an events and press section where the Sheriff can share press releases, community news, and history about the department. works with many sheriff offices in the area to create websites that help the sheriffs office and the community. Each website is mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, and is built around the needs of the sheriff. If you are considering a new website or redesign, contact for a website analysis and quote.

Sheriff Kevin Woodward
“ has worked tirelessly not only to integrate our servers (ODIS – Offender Data Information System) but our partners such as Tiger Commissary, City TeleCoin, and VINE. From our website, you can look up who is in our facility. Then send a care package or put money on their account. You can sign up for video visitation directly to your phone, tablet or computer. You can register with VINE to be notified when a person is released or moved from our facility. All this and more from our new website.” - Sheriff Kevin Woodward


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Careers Section
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Alert System
Sheriff Sales
In Memoriam
Division Information
Inmate Search
Sex Offender Information
Easy to use Maintenance Portal
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