Seminole County Sheriff

Custom website built for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office in Wewoka, OK. to save staff time and communicate with residents.

Sheriff's Office Website Preview

Project Summary

The Seminole County Sheriff’s website offers a clean mobile-friendly layout that allows the sheriff’s office to keep the residents of the county updated. 

Since the Sheriff’s office did not already have a website, the staff was getting inundated with phone calls daily asking about inmate status, how to give to an inmate’s commissary or web deposit account, and more. Our primary goal is to provide public information to help the public be better informed and help the staff perform their job more efficiently. 

While some of the features are automated, the office can control the information passed with an easy to use administration area. The Sheriff asked to manage their Sex Offenders which allows them to flag offenders that are non-compliant. This flag is added to not only the offender list on the page but automatically adds the offender to the Most Wanted page of the website and flags them as a wanted offender. 

Additional features include sheriff sales, crime tips, job portal, and more. 
Sheriff Shannon Smith
The website is needed in our area to allow us to communicate our efforts with the community as we work daily to keep Seminole County safe and our staff more efficient. Many features of the website are automated allowing us to keep it updated with minimal effort. - Sheriff Shannon Smith


Custom Website Build
Most Wanted
Cold Cases
Careers Section
Press Releases
Online Tip
Alert System
Sheriff Sales
In Memoriam
Inmate Search
Sex Offenders
Violet Offenders
Easy to use Maintenance Portal
Hosting & Security

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