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The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office website features jail information, inmate search, sex offenders, career portal, and more to serve the Sequoyah County community.

Sheriff's Office Website Preview

Project Summary

The Sequoyah County Sheriff contacted us to design a mobile-friendly website that would show his booking reports, sex offenders, and office information. He would get many calls into the jail asking if an inmate was in custody. By providing this information online, we cut calls to the jail allowing staff to work more efficiently. 

The website also features a  most wanted section. Allowing investigators to pick the fugitives that have been a little hard to find. This section also shows Noncompliant Sex Offenders and Violent Offenders. Each "wanted" offender is flagged as an offender on the page. 



Custom Website
Inmate Roster (ODIS)
Sex Offenders
Violent Offenders *New
Most Wanted *New
Inmate Services
Career Portal
News/Press Releases
Sheriff Sales
Graphic Design
Hosting & Maintenance

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