About Us


SheriffWebsites.com by Lighthouse Web Designs provides custom, full-featured websites to Sheriff's Offices in the United States.

Lighthouse Web Designs was opened in 2006. Initially, the founder/owner, Richelle Anderson, was inspired to open the company when she saw how much small business owners were being charged for a website. Soon after opening, the local sheriff's department reached out and needed their website updated. While speaking with them, she learned that county sheriffs face the same challenges; they need more website than their tight budgets would allow.

We have been working with our local Sheriff since 2007, during that time, we have learned a lot about the demand and needs of local sheriffs and how a website is vital for their department to communicate with the areas they serve. We went to work and developed a platform that fills these needs and meets the requirement of affordability to most sheriff's offices.

Lighthouse Web Designs created SheriffWebsites.com to cater specifically to the needs of county sheriff offices. Our company is primarily led by Richelle and Ashley Anderson (IT Manager). We also employ 50+ freelancers, and each brings a specific skill set to the Lighthouse team. Our freelancers are comprised of writers, graphic designers, IT specialists, and more. This business formation allows us to provide affordable solutions for our clients while helping our freelancers.

You will not be shuffled around at Lighthouse either. Richelle or Ashley will always be your primary contact with the company. This level of customer service is what we were built on and has earned us an excellent reputation since opening our doors.

As with our small business clients, we strive to work hard for EVERY sheriff's office we work with and provide a custom solution built around their size and needs.

We look forward to working with you!

Meet the Lighthouse Management Team

richelle anderson

Richelle Anderson

Richelle leverages over two decades of expertise in website design and online marketing to contribute significantly to Lighthouse. Known for her exceptional ability to listen attentively and devise effective solutions to challenges, she stands out as the cornerstone of the company's creative endeavors. As the lead designer, Richelle not only oversees the artistic direction of the websites but also ensures the highest level of customer support. Her dedication as a hands-on owner is reflected in her commitment to excellence; she personally guarantees that every project meets her high standards before it moves forward.

Outside of her professional life, Richelle enjoys spending quality time with her husband and their extended family, including their cherished pets, affectionately referred to as “fur-kids.” With her children having grown and started their own journeys, she finds joy in pampering her furry companions. A passionate fan of superhero movies, she also has a keen interest in photography, constantly seeking to capture life's moments.

ashley anderson

Ashley Anderson

Ashley contributes a wealth of knowledge with more than a decade of experience in IT and cybersecurity to the Lighthouse team. As the technical backbone, she is responsible for constructing the robust backend infrastructure of websites, ensuring the integrity and security of servers, and safeguarding client websites against cyber threats. Known for her analytical prowess and problem-solving skills, Ashley is instrumental in identifying innovative solutions that enable Sheriff's Offices to optimize their budgets and enhance communication with the communities they serve.

Beyond her professional commitments, Ashley values her personal time, which she often spends with her beloved pet, Kai, who she affectionately calls her “fur-kid.” A lover of leisure and camaraderie, she finds joy in gaming and cherishes moments spent in the company of friends. Ashley's dynamic blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and personal interests makes her an invaluable asset to the Lighthouse team and a multifaceted individual outside of work.