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Sheriff Website Features & Integrations

We understand the challenges faced with today's law enforcement offices. The community demands information which requires time and valuable resources from your office. Each feature of our websites built for law enforcement are meant to save time and make your staff more efficient.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help local sheriff's offices provide information easily and efficiently to the communities they serve. We understand that many agencies have very unique needs and goals for their office. With a website designed, developed, maintained, and hosted by Sheriff Websites, it is easy to keep your communities updated without using valuable time and resources.

Custom Design & Development

Built from the ground up with your visitors in mind. We capture the look and feel of your office. Our websites are mobile-friendly, fast, and branded for your agency providing your visitors an awesome experience when browsing your website.

custom web design for sheriff's offices

Booking & Offender Information

Provide booking and inmate status information to the community. Synced from your Jail Management System and updated regularly. Many agencies are seeing call volume at the jail reduced by 60%.

Show public information including name, address, headshot, and charge information on violent and sex offenders in the county.

booking and offender information on website

News, Press, and Media

Easy to update news and press release area allowing you to share news, crime tips, community efforts, and resources with the community. Easily share to social media outlets.

More time is spent providing information to media outlets, we make it easy for them to access this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

media and press tools on the website

Most Wanted & Cold Cases

Feature the most wanted individuals in your county. Includes headshot, description, last known location, charges, and additional information to help the community indentify poeple of interest. Online crime tips are connected to most wanted listings, allowing visitors to easily submit a tip to your agency.

Easily ask the public for help and update cold cases and show persons of interest in your county.

most wanted and cold case information

Online Crime Tips

Allow the community to send crime tips from the county. Integrated with your most wanted fugitives and throughout the website. Crime tips can be anonymouse however, we encourage them to provide their name and phone number should additional information be needed.

online crime tips on the website

Administration & Division Information

Showcase and amplify the Sheriff and staff the community connects to your office. Whether you want to feature all staff, your administration, as well the divisions of your agency, each page is customized for your needs.

screenshots of administration and division information

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Booking Reports
Sex & Violent Offenders
Most Wanted
Cold Cases
Sheriff Sales
Local Resources
News & Press Resources
Online Crime Tips
Job Portal
Media Resources
Administrative Information
Division Information
Geographical Crime Reports (In Development)
Mobile App (In Development)

Many of our agencies requested a “Basic” layout of the plans we offer. Our plans are customized to your needs – based on the size of your agency and your budget.

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We will customize a plan to meet the needs and budget of your department.

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